Zahna-Fliesen awarded gold medal for outstanding services in the preservation of historical monuments in Europe

The denkmal gold medal was awarded for the 12th time at denkmal 2018. The leading European trade fair for preservation of historical monuments, restorations and refurbishment of period buildings is the mainstay of the industry involved in the preservation of cultural heritage. Zahna-Fliesen GmbH receives the coveted and renowned seal of approval for the durable and credible design of fine stoneware tiles.

The company was founded by Utzschneider & Ed. Jaunez in 1891. Since then, Zahna-Fliesen has been synonymous with fine stoneware tiles.

The factory's special feature is that it is still able to manufacture tiles by hand today following historic examples and therefore reconstruct the missing tiles of a historic floor so that the listed floor can be recreated again.

With special sensitivity and dedication, an employee layers the individual components into a tile mould. A grid is filled with each colour through a sieve or a watering can, creating detailed patterns with various facets. With Zahna-Fliesen's variety of colours and various shapes, the design possibilities are endless.

An independent panel of international experts from the historic restoration sector awarded the gold medal.

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