16 white plain

05 lightgrey plain

17 light grey plain

06 stone grey plain

15 anthracite plain

02 black plain

01 cream plain

03 yellow plain

08 brown plain

25 mocha plain

304 oxide red plain

07 petrol plain

18 mint green plain

19 light blue plain

09 blue plain

Fine grain:

11 whitemix

89 titanite

81 caracas

22 greywhitemix

83 orinoco

88 blackmix

86 sahara

23 beigemix

94 creamyellowmix

14 bluemix

Coarse grain / Special colours:

100 flakes light grey

101 flakes grey

102 flakes blackwhite

90 yellow flamed

97 flakes anthracite

21 grey porphyry

91 grey flamed

Kerasiegel – ceramic surface finishing

for the protection and easy cleaning of unglazed fine stoneware tiles.
Our ZF tiles are produced using Kerasiegel ceramic surface finishing. In the firing process, the finish is permanently bonded to the ceramic fragments.
ZF tiles, as unglazed fine stoneware tiles, comply with DIN EN 14411 BIa (UGL).

Surface finish advantages:

  • ceramic sealing of the tile surface
  • no impregnation required after laying
  • increased dirt resistance
  • easier cleaning
  • elegant silk-matt lustre
  • more intensive colour effects

The Z-spacer (Zahna spacer)

The Z-spacer is a distance marker profile section protruding at the sides of ZF tiles that allows for fast laying and simultaneously ensures the precisely defined spacing of joints. Due to the special shaping of the Z-Spacer, joint gaps are kept clear and open throughout, allowing for easy application of grouting material.

This way, consistent bonding between the mortar bed and grouting material is ensured, not only in the vibration laying process, but also in the installation of pseudo electric conductive flooring. The Z-Spacer furthermore prevents chipping at the upper edges of tiles during the vibration laying process. Combined with the meticulous dimensional accuracy of our products, the Z-Spacer ensures an even, straight and narrow groove finish and the formation of a resilient joint.

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